Standings and Sorting


The addon provides a way for members to see the standings. The standings are normally sorted by PR, which reflects the loot priority of each member. Other sorting options are available to help with browsing the members of the guild. In addition to that, the addon changes modes between in and out of raids to increase its effectiveness, speed up looting and display more information as appropriate for raiding.

Multiple views

The addon provides multiple views depending on whether you are in a raid or not. Each view is optimized for the tasks one can perform guild-wide or raid-wide.

Guild View

While not in a raid the addon displays the standings of the whole guild. You can open the standings as explained here.

Once the standings frame is shown you can hover over members to see their alts or sort by Name, EP, GP and PR.


You can sort on Name, EP, GP and PR by clicking the appropriate headers of the standings table. Sorting by each quantity produces different sorts:

  • Name: Sorts by name in alphabetical order.
  • EP: Sorts by decreasing order of EP. Most active members are at the top of the list, while less active at the bottom.
  • GP: Sorts by decreasing order of GP. Members that received most loot recently are at the top of the list, while members that received less are at the bottom.
  • PR: Sorts by decreasing order of PR. Members that have higher priority of loot at at the top of the list.
Caveat: If your guild uses a MinEP, members below MinEP are below everyone else. This is because these members have lower priority for loot no matter their PR.


Here's a video showing off the functions you have as a raider.

Raid View

While in a raid the addon shortens the list of members it shows to only those in the raid. This makes browsing the list a lot easier since only a subset of members are diplayed. As a result looting becomes faster.

Hint: While in raid view you can choose to see everyone in the guild as well, by clicking the Show Everyone button.