The Addon

We have also implemented an addon that implements EPGP in game. The addon is built around the following principles:

  • Simplicity: Be as simple as possible, but not simpler
  • Transparency: Loot distribution should be as open as possible
    • Actions are visible to all
    • Changes to EP or GP should be effective immediately
  • Minimalism: Minimize the options, work as much as possible out of the box
    • Simple and global configuration
    • Options to configure should be less than a handful
  • Integration: Blend with the default UI
    • It should not look like an external entity to the default Blizzard UI

With the above in mind the addon was built, over multiple iterations. That said it is always a work in progress that strives for perfection.

Once you install the addon, you can bring up the standings UI by typing:


You can also bind this to a key, using blizzards keybinding options.

Hint: If you have nothing setup for the key J it will be automatically bound when you install the addon.

Client only configuration options can be setup through the addons configuration panel. You can also go to the EPGP configuration by typing:

/epgp config