The addon has two kinds of configuration. Global configuration which is shared by everyone in the guild and local configuration which affects only the client you run on your machine.

All information about the addon is kept in officer notes. Ranks that are allowed to award EP and GP should have permission to edit officer notes and everyone should have permission to read them. If a rank is not allowed to read officer notes, they will simply not be able to see the standings when they open the EPGP panel.

Here's a video example on how to do this:

Global configuration

Global configuration is handled through a clause in the Guild Info and in officer notes. Officer notes are used to store EPGP totals and also store alt designations.

Guild Info

The configuration clause in Guild Info is enclosed in two delimiters: -EPGP-. For example a configuration clause will look like this:

<EPGP configuration options go here>

Global configuration holds information about:

  • BaseGP
  • Decay
  • MinEP
  • Extras Award Modifier

For each of the above variables, a corresponding line is added to the configuration clause.

For BaseGP:


Where <num> is the value for BaseGP.

For Decay:


Where <percent> is the decay %.

For MinEP:


Where <num> is the value for MinEP.

For Extras Award Modifier:


Where <percent> is the Extras Award Modifier %. This value is multiplied by all Mass EP Awards awarded to people not in the raid but on the extras list.

Here's a video example on how to do this:


By default:

  • BaseGP = 1
  • Decay = 0%
  • MinEP = 0
  • Extras Award Modifier = 100%


For example if you want to setup BaseGP = 100, Decay = 7%, MinEP = 2500 and Extras Award Modifier = 50% you should add the following text to your guild info:


Officer notes

Alts are specified in officer notes. If toon AnAlt is an alt of the toon AMain, the officer note of AnAlt should have the string "AMain" in it. This way the addon is configured to share the pool of EP and GP for both toons.

When you first implement EPGP in your guild, all main toon's officer notes should be empty. An empty officer note is treated by the addon as EP = 0, GP = 0.

Here's a video example on how to setup notes for an alt:

Local configuration

Local configuration can be found in Blizzard's addon configuration menu or by typing:

/epgp config

In global configuration you can set the following options:

  • GP tooltips: By default EPGP adds its suggestion of GP value of each item. You can toggle this off if you do not use it.
  • Automatic loot tracking: By default EPGP provides a popup window to assign GP to a person that receives loot. You can toggle this off if you do not use it.
    • Automatic loot tracking threshold: By default EPGP only popups a window on epic quality items. You can change this here to popup for rare quality items if you wish.
  • Standby whispers in raid: By default EPGP provides a way for members to add themselves to the standby list of the raid leader. You can toggle this off if you want to manage the standby list manually.
  • Announcements: By default EPGP announces all EP or GP actions to the guild. You can toggle this off if you do not use it.
    • Announce medium: You can choose a different medium for announcements. Party, Raid, Guild, Officers and a custom channel options are available.
  • Reset EPGP: You can reset all EP and GP of the people in the guild by using this option. This will wipe all EP and GP of people that are being tracked. More specifically it will not alter the officer notes of alts or officer notes that do not hold EPGP information in them.