Effort Points


Effort points (EP) are given out of members of the guild for multiple activities/actions all depending on the guild's policies. Examples could be:

  • Being on time for raids
  • Just because you are raiding or are on standby
  • Killing bosses
  • Wiping on new boss tries
  • Being present until the end of raid
  • Being extraordinarily helpful to the guild (making pots for a specific fight)
  • Doing some grunt work noone wants to tackle, like updating the guild's website


Obviously EP awards vary from guild to guild. What is important for EP is that the relative effort between awards is something that makes sense to you and makes it fair for the whole guild. Since fairness in this case is something subjective, the addon cannot possibly give recommendations for it.


With the above in mind, for my guild we have chosen the following, extremely simple, award scheme:

  • Raid and standby get the same EP including bonuses. There is no difference between being in or out of the raid as long as you are prepared.
  • 1000 EP per 15m while in raid or standby for a raid.
  • Bonus EP points to the raid and standby when execution of boss fights is perfect, but only until the boss is still reasonably hard. This is entirely to the discretion of the guild master or commanders (only 1 GM and 1 commander are currently in place).
Disclaimer: the above will NOT work for all guilds. We have found that this is enough motivation for our members to raid and raid well, which might not apply to your guild. Each guild has its own goals, social interactions and intricacies that make EP awards something you will have to tailor to your guild.