F. A. Q.

I love this addon. Is there anything I can do to make it better?

Of course you can! You can translate it to your native language. You can also file descriptive and helpful bug reports on bugs you find. Last but not least, you can share your experience with EPGP with the community by posting at the EPGP user support and discussion forum.

Performing a reset does not wipe all my officer notes. How can I do that?

EPGP treats all empty officer notes as EP = 0, GP = 0. An easy way to wipe them all is to run this script:

/script for i=1,GetNumGuildMembers(true) do GuildRosterSetOfficerNote(i, "") end
This will delete all your EPGP state including alts.

My standings are not sorted properly when I sort by PR. Is this a bug?

When a member is below the Min EP threshold, his/her PR will be compared only to other members below the threshold. Everyone above the threshold will be higher than everyone below the threshold. Obviously in some cases members below the threshold have higher PR than some of the members above it but they still come later in standings.

I am getting an error about Ace2 libraries missing. What should I do?

You upgraded from an earlier EPGP series and there are some stale files left behind. Delete the the EPGP directory and install the latest EPGP again. You should also delete past saved variables of the mod. You can find these at:

<WoW Installation Directory>/WTF/Account/<YourAccountName>/SavedVariables/epgp.lua

Can I use this addon to support Guild Alliances?

The addon cannot track EPGP for members outside your guild. As such it cannot be used across guild alliances. You can check issue 237 for progress and patches provided by the community.