Sep 25th 2010

Added new history browser. You can now graphically browse loot history for your toon and compare it to other toons as well.

Sep 11th 2010

Added loot entry deletion.

Sep 5th 2010

Fixed snapshot viewer and verifier to work with Internet Explorer 8. Fixed problems with deletion of snapshots.

Sep 4th 2010

Added new snapshot viewer that is faster and makes snapshot browsing easier. It also paves the way for other enhancements like sorting on fields other than PR, display of ranks, filtering on classes, etc. Added a filter to filter standings and loot for guild members only.

Jun 11th 2010

Added admin verification page. Now guild masters can verify ownership of their toon and automatically get admin rights to a guild.

Feb 20th 2010

Added note for sole admins to urge them to add more of them. Added loot history, both by item and by toon.

Jan 24th 2010

Improved timeout handing. You should see a lot less internal errors while browsing.

Jul 28th 2009

Added loot import from the addon's Personal Log.

Jul 22nd 2009

Added help page for awarding EP.

Jul 13th 2009

Now snapshots show the diff from the snapshot just before them.

Jul 12th 2009

Now you can browse all the snapshot back to the very snapshot you ever uploaded.

Jun 27th 2009

Today there was a 4 hour window in which the site was unavailable because of the underlying infrastructure. We made the code more resilient to these errors and the site degrade gracefully instead of being fully disfunctional.

Jun 25th 2009

Improve the layout and the performance of the snapshot view.

Jun 14th 2009

Added documentation on how to upload data to EPGPWeb.

Jun 10th 2009

The documentation for the addon and the EPGP loot system is on this website.

Jun 6th 2009

Added hints to the view listings and fixed the layout to be easier to browse. Guild data is now fetched from the armory. Guilds that do not exist will be deleted 2 weeks after they are found to not be in the armory. Added race and class icons to each member in the standings. Added faction icons to guilds.

Apr 28st 2009

The backend is completely changed and all the data is migrated to it. There was a 2 hour read-only mode on epgpweb while the data was being migrated. We believe that all data is successfully migrated. If you encounter an error please join the forums and let us know. Thank you and enjoy the speed bump!

Apr 21st 2009

Add link to upload data to make it clear that you are not supposed to paste the exported data in the search box.

Apr 11th 2009

Admins can now delete snapshots.

Apr 1st 2009

Added homepage links for each guild. Administrators can now add this for their guilds. Made the guild admin part a bit more intuitive and easier to use. Also make the blob of text for restoring the state of the addon hidden by default.

Mar 30th 2009

Added armory links for guilds and for each member in the standings.

Mar 22st 2009

The layout of the guild pages has changed for easier browsing! There seem to be some problems with Russian guilds uploading their data. This is under investigation and it will be fixed as soon as possible.

The issue with some guilds with a lot of non-ascii letters in their names/toon names not being able to upload has been fixed. During the migration, all of the guilds with non-ascii letters in their guild name cannot access their past snapshots until they upload their next snapshot. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you experience problems after uploading another snapshot, do not hesitate to visit the EPGP Discussion and Support Forum and ask for help. Thank you!

Mar 21st 2009

All snapshots have been upgraded to have all members with 0 EP and GP equal to base GP removed. The addon was also updated to facilitate this change so please upgrade to at least EPGP 5.3.1.

Mar 20th 2009

Now you can browse the last few snapshots when viewing a guild.

Mar 19th 2009

First public release! For the moment you can:

  • import data from the addon to the website
  • restore the addon to the last state stored on the website
  • add/delete administrators for a guild of which you are an administrator
  • search for your guild through the website